Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Good "Digital" Practices

Digital Citizenship-Random Thoughts

Places I like to go in Singapore

I like to go to Jcube because of the skating rink there and the theatre. I usually go there with my friends. After we skate, we would go watch a movie and grab a bite before going home.

I don't go to Universal Studios often, but when I do I go with my friends. We would never get tired of the thrills we have there. Although the queue may be long for some rides, we still enjoy our time there.

I usually go Funan Digitalife Mall and Northpoint with my parents. As Northpoint Shopping Centre is near where we live, my parents and I would go and eat dinner there.

About Me(I)

Hi, my name is Kay Sandy Maung, but people just call me Sandy. I'm an only child and a girl( because a friend of mine has a senior here and he asked if any of her friends were going to SST, she replied 'Sandy' and he ask 'Girl?' so that's why I'm saying I'm a girl, although I find it pretty obvious, just from my name). I'm Burmese, but I'm born in Singapore.
I chose the coke picture because I think that I'm fun to be around but not everyone likes me(I don't think everyone likes drinking coke). And also, if I'm irritated, I might get angry, just like how if you shake a coke bottle to much and open the cap all the fizz will come out. But I don't get angry very easily, at least, that's what I think.
I like reading books and using the internet, but I'm not really a fan of gaming. Usually, I listen to music and watch anime.I also like to just be with my friends. I'm not really a sporty person, but I do like a few ball games like Captain's Ball. I actually like to cook and bake too, but most of the time
when I do cook or bake it ends up as a disaster, so I don't often do it.
I'm was actually really shy in Primary 1, but I'm pretty sure that has changed by now. I'm still a little shy, but I'll still talk to people. But once you get to know me better, I do talk a lot. I like talking to people, and I get along with most teachers as well( except for one teacher at my primary school, I'm not very sure why she dislikes me). And I ramble a lot as well. Actually, I think I'm rambling right now.My friends tell me I'm hyper at times, though I'm not really sure if that's true. I can be childish at times too, but that's how most of my friends in primary school were.Of course, I still take my responsibilities and duties seriously.
I hope to meet my classmates and teachers soon. I'm really looking forward to SST. :)